For the Love of the OBX



The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and title sponsor, First National Bank are pleased to unveil the "For the Love of the OBX" Award (formerly called the Citizen of the Year award).

The Chamber has recognized outstanding citizens since 1982 when Aycock Brown was honored for his photographs which brought great recognition to Dare County Beaches. Since then area leaders such as Senator Marc Basight, Congressman Walter Jones, actor Andy Griffin, restaurant owner Mike Kelly, news reporters Francis Meekins, Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy, and others have been honored for their community efforts. The 2016 recipient was Dr. Christine Petzing  of the Outer Banks Hospital.

“The one thing each of the winners has in common is their love for this area,” said Chamber President & CEO Karen Brown.  “Sleepless nights, fundraising for community needs, persistence to fight for causes and accomplish goals were all connected to a love for  the Outer Banks.  The award is a life-long achievement award acknowledging a passion for the Outer Banks and its people.”

“This award recognizes excellence in character and passion for the Outer Banks,” added Brown.  “I trust Chamber members and the community will take the time to nominate those deserving of recognition.”

Recipients can only be honored once for this award. Past recipients are:

1981-82 Aycock Brown
1982-83 Marc Basnight
1983-84 Louis Midgett
1984-85 David Stick
1985-86 Charles Evans
1986-87 Glenn Eure
1987-88 Mike Kelly
1988-89 Andy Griffith
1989-90 Ray White
1990-91 Walter Davis
1991-92 Walter Jones
1992-93 Tom Hartman
1993-94 R.V. Owens III
1994-95 Glen Miller
1995-96 Robert Wells
1996-97 R.V. “Bobby” Owens, Jr.
1997-98 Diane Baum St. Clair
1998-99 Francis Meekins
1999-00 John Hughes, Jr.
2000-01 Sterling Webster
2001-02 Rev. David Daniels
2002-03 Stan White
2003-04 Ken Mann
2004-05 Gervas “Bo” Taylor, III

2005-06 Virginia Simmons Tillett
2006-07 George Alden “Buck” Thornton
2007-08 Stockton & Anderson Midgett
2008-09 Lynda Midgett
2009-10 William “Bill” Pitt
2010-11 Warren and Tess Judge
2011-12 Ralph Buxton
2012-13 Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy
2013-14 Margaret Wells
2014-15 Edward C. Greene
2015-16 Dr. Christine Petzing
2016-2017 Lynn S. Bryant

2017-2018 Harry Schiffman

2017-2018 Chris and Kathy Seawell

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