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Classification Fair Share Investment Schedule

Classification 1-5 Emps 6-10 Emps 11-20 Emps 21-35 Emps 36-47 Emps 48-60 Emps 61-Up Emps
1-12 $275.00 $315.00 $355.00 $400.00 $450.00 $600.00 Negotiable
13 $275 plus $18 per licensed professional            
14 $275 plus $1.70 per unit over 10 units            
15 $275 plus $4.75 per unit over 10 units            
16 $275 plus $1.05 per unit over 10 units            
17 $575 first office, $190 each additional office            
18 $1,200            
19 $175.00            
20 $275.00            


1. Amusements and Entertainment

2. Automotive, Service Stations, Dealers

3. Contractors

4. Developing Companies/Managing Agencies

5. Marinas, Charter Boats, Fishing Piers

6. Manufacturing

7. Publishers, Printers

8. Radio, TV Stations

9. Retail

10. Services

11. Transportation

12. Restaurants

13. Professional Office

14. Campgrounds, Mobile Home Parks

15. Hotels, Motels, Apts., Bed and Breakfast Inns, Cottage Courts, Etc.

16. Real Estate, Sales and/or Rentals, Time Sharing, Condos, Co-owner, Etc.

17. Banks, Savings & Loans

18. Public Utilities

19. Individual, Non-Business or Non-Profit Organization (501c3 or 501c4)

20. Non-Resident Supplier


Definitions of Classifications

Professionals Appraisers, Architects, Chiropractors, Dentists, Engineers, Lawyers, Physicians, Surveyors, Insurance Agents, etc.
Cottage Courts Those courts which offer two or more cottages for rent
Hotel, Inn, B&B Establishments offering accommodations with totally enclosed facilities
Service Advertising, Child Care, Photographers, Funeral, Gas Co., Laundry, etc.
Transportation Airlines, Buses, Car Rentals, Limousines, and Taxis
Manufacturing Boat Builders, Ice Plants, Crab Houses, etc.
Development Malls, Shopping Centers, Plazas. These are separate entities from their tenants.

Any corporation or trading name offering DIFFERENT merchandise or services and operating under DIFFERENT trade names shall have separate memberships. Any corporation or trading name offering the SAME merchandise or services and operating under the SAME trade name shall pay additional OFF premise memberships.

Each additional ON premise membership will be $170.00; the base membership will be the membership with the largest share investment. Each OFF premise business will be $190.00 plus (per unit or per professional cost if applicable).

Due to the changing business climate in the area, special negotiations may be advisable to retain Chamber members. These decisions are administrative decisions and will be handled by the Chamber President & CEO.

Membership dues paid to the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Pursuant to the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act creating a “Proxy” tax on lobbying expense, the Board of Directors of the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce has elected to pay the tax to preserve the full deductibility of your dues.

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