Smiles in Action 2017

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Improving the Outer Banks one smile at a time


Who doesn’t love a smile? 

A smile is a slight curve of the lips that brightens and softens the face.  It is contagious to those within a room’s radius. 

Smiles are important in customer service.  A person who smiles is considered more attractive, more likeable, and more trustworthy.  Smiles reach across language barriers; connect us with people in stores and restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, day care centers and schools.  A smile can lighten the mood in heavy traffic conditions, open the door for a first date, makes us feel noticed, welcome and special.

Recognizing the importance of smiles to the Outer Banks Experience, the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce and Outer Banks Visitors Bureau are seeking nominations of Smiles in Action.  These are people you know – from work, church, the community – who make the extra effort to make others smile each day.

What is a Smile in Action? 

It can be any act of kindness that improves a customer experience. It is a sales representative who doesn’t have the product you’re looking for but helps you find it at another store.  It is a person who notices you have several small children on a rainy day and prints out for you a community calendar with ideas of what to do.  It is the person who recognizes your grandfather is in a wheelchair and recommends attractions and activities more accessible.   It is doing something nice for someone without expecting an immediate return on the investment. 

There are all types of Smiles in Action on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.  We would like to recognize those people and faces behind these actions? 

Will you help us?

An on-line form is now available where locals and visitors can submit nominations.  Nominations should include as much as you know about the situation – name or title, company or organization affiliated with, location, time frame, and short description of the experience.  We realize you won’t have all the answers but information included will help us to recognize those responsible for Smiles in Action on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Smiles connect people and create memories.  Thank you for taking the time to nominate your favorite Smiles in Action!


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