Business Counselors

Employment Opportunity
Job Type: Volunteer
Job Location: Outer Banks Area Wide

The Outer Banks Chapter of SCORE has been operating locally since 1981. We just cerebrated our 30th Anniversary this past November. We are sponsored nationally in part by the Small Business Administration and locally by your Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce. Many of you know that we provide free and confidential business counseling for start-up companies or established companies seeking to improve their bottom line.

We currently have twenty-two active counselors serving clients from all over the northeast North Carolina and the Outer Banks area.  We have reached out to the business community on Hatteras Island and are offering counseling on the Island on an as needed basis. We hope to be able to increase the amount of hours we provide counseling to offer our services to meet the diverse needs of potential clients. While we traditionally offer counseling every Tuesday at the Chamber, we also serve clients in more informal ways.

We are particularly interested in gaining members with skills relevant to today’s Outer Banks economy. We have identified the following skill and experience areas that would benefit our efforts.

  • Background in Small Business Management
  • Understanding of Commercial Loans, Budgets, Cash Flow
  • Retail Business Experience
  • Professional Skills - Attorneys, Accountants, Managers
  • Experience in Marketing, Franchising, Sales
  • Internet/computer technology

As business professionals, we ask that you consider joining us or consider recommending someone you think might value serving others through SCORE. If you are interested but don’t think you could commit to regularly scheduled counseling times, we are very flexible and are interested in having skills available on an all-call or as-needed basis – both to our volunteers or to potential new clients.

Interested?  Please call the Outer Banks Chamber office at (252)441-8144. As for SCORE or Angie Brady-Daniels of the Chamber Staff.


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