Greenhouse/ Nursery Assistant Manager

Employment Opportunity
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Manteo

Greenhouse/Nursery Assistant Manager
Basic description — to attend, monitor and provide all care required to advance the life and well-being of the thousands of plants in the Garden’s greenhouse, nursery and plant sales areas.
More specifically, regarding all plants under the Assistant’s care:
• To water, fertilize, weed, prune, protect and control pest damage;
• To “step-up” pot-bound plants into larger containers as required;
• To propagate desired plants via seedlings, cuttings, layerings, divisions, retrieval from
Garden beds, etc.
• To make sure greenhouses and cold frames are kept at the proper temperature for
plant storage and/or growth.
• To keep all plants organized and arranged in a fashion that allows for good access
and care.
Regarding the greenhouses and surrounding buildings/grounds:
• To care for, clean and otherwise maintain the structures;
• To keep surrounding plant areas clean and free of weeds and debris;
• To keep equipment in good order, properly stored and cared for.
Regarding plant sales:
• To provide for public sale the best plants the Garden’s has available;
• To keep appropriate records of the price, number and kinds of plants sold;
• To monitor and record the numbers and kinds of different plants being raised in the
greenhouse/nursery area, and to propagate the necessary number for eventual sale to
the public and for use in the Gardens.
• To answer questions from staff and customers regarding the plants under the
Assistant’s care;
• To respond to Gate House personnel’s needs regarding plant displays, sales, care,
availability, etc.
• To maintain a plant booklet for gatehouse staff and customers
Other responsibilities:
• To safely direct, coordinate and interact with volunteers to both make best use of
their time and to have them enjoy their experiences;
• To respond to the wide variety of requests for assistance by the Garden’s
administration and other departments as they arise;
• To provide for the safety of colleagues, members of the public, and Garden plants,
equipment and structures in the case of severe weather or other emergency
• To interact in as positive a manner as possible with everyone, bearing in mind the
overall mission of The Elizabethan Gardens.

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