Restaurant Manager

Employment Opportunity
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Manteo

Do you have a good mnd set and are up for a challenge. Stripers Bar and Grille is looking for someone like you! The restaurant manager fills a wide variety of roles at Striper’s Bar & Grille. Expectations of being able to comprehend, and efficiently execute, daily operations is a must have as the training will progress.

Responsibilities include maintaining the facilities levels of sanitation in all departments: kitchen, front of house, restrooms, etc., as well as collecting daily deposits, inventory management, receiving shipments of food and alcohol/liquor, and many other daily operational tasks. The right individual will be highly driven and detailed orientated. Scheduling and maintaining a dynamic list of tasks to complete is a norm for Striper’s managers. We are excited for new faces that can grow with us as a stong and devoted individual. 

Please call us at 252-475-1021 ext. 2 to speak to a manager or come and apply in person today!

Pay is based off expierence, recommendations and work ethic! We hope to see you soon! 

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