Seasonal Gardener

Employment Opportunity
Job Type: Temporary
Job Location: Manteo

Responsible for the installation (and/or removal) of all plants using:

A. Proper planting procedures
B. Proper removal and disposal procedures

Responsible for the maintenance of all plant material. This responsibility includes:

A. Watering
B. Fertilizing
C. Dead-heading
D. Pruning
E. Weeding
F. Pest and fungal control

Responsible for maintaining the lawns within The Gardens. This includes:

A. Seeding (or sodding)
B. Mowing
C. Watering
D. Fertilizing
E. Pest and fungal control
F. Thatching
G. Aerating

Responsible for the irrigation system. This includes:

A. Running the irrigation
B. Monitoring pumps and water output
C. Making improvements
C. Maintenance and repairs

Responsible for the daily cleanup and pre-opening routine of:

A. Sweeping or blowing of walkways and terraces
B. Raking the grounds as needed
C. Removal of debris and/or trash from grounds
D. Removal of trash from Gatehouse, Restrooms and Odom Hall

E. Removal of recycles from Gatehouse and Odom Hall
F. Unlocking and cleaning of public restrooms

Responsible for care, maintenance, and proper storage of all equipment, tools and supplies including:

A. Vehicles
B. Tractors and/or mowers
C. Power equipment (such as blowers and chain saws) D. Hand tools such as pruners, shovels, rakes
E. Fertilizers, pesticides, cleaning agents, household supplies

Responsible for housekeeping of maintenance building including:

A. Sweeping, washing or vacuuming floors
B. Cleaningbathrooms
C. Cleaningbreakroom,includingallappliances
D. Changing of light bulbs, fuses, filters, etc as needed

Responsibleforthesafestorageanduseofpesticidesasrequiredby law (each full time gardener is encouraged to earn and maintain a N.C. pesticide applicators license). Pesticides should be inventoried monthly.

Responsible for care and cleaning of all fountains, pools and statuary as directed by Garden Manager
Responsible for maintenance of all paths and walkways including:

A. Application of straw
B. Weeding
C. Edging
D. Cleaning E. Repairs

Responsible for assisting other departments as needed.

Responsible for making and installing plant signage.

Responsible for assisting with special events as needed

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