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The Outer Banks Chamber unveils new “value-based” Investment Levels for membership in the organization. Based on the needs and desires of those we serve, these levels of investment allow our members to select a level that best fits their needs.

These levels of investment make it easy to understand the value and benefits of membership in the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.

We offer four levels of investment to choose from as well as three partnership levels that allow members to include membership, sponsorship and advertising at fixed pricing.



CONNECT Investor: By providing opportunities to network with over 1,000 members you can gain visibility and access to business resources. This level of investment is designed to give small businesses the tools and opportunities needed for success.

ENGAGE Investor: While you are running your business the Outer Banks Chamber works for you throughout the year. Take advantage of opportunities to drive more exposure and potential sales to your business. This level of investment is designed for the growing enterprise!

ADVOCATE Investor: Your business is growing and with growth comes new challenges and opportunities. You want to save time, learn from other business owners and make smart investments in positioning your company for growth. The Chamber offers opportunities for you to engage with the community, influence business policies and provide training for your staff. This level of investment gives you enhanced exposure and opportunities when you need it most.

INFLUENCE Investor: You appreciate that the Chamber is busy working on your behalf to keep the cost of doing business affordable and to advocate for favorable business policies. You want to position your company as a market leader and develop your leadership team. The Chamber offers opportunities for strategic engagement. This makes membership a smart investment for you and your business!



capital investor program

CORNERSTONE Investor, STRATEGIC Investor, POWER Investor levels: You are truly passionate about the Outer Banks area and care deeply about its future. You understand the importance of investing in advocacy, economic development, regional branding, and ensuring that Outer Banks area employers continue to have a skilled and competent workforce.

Your support for the Chamber’s strategic plan is an investment in Outer Bank’s future. Together, we ignite new growth, inspire leadership and advance our economy. Your organization receives VIP recognition at all signature events as well as the highest notoriety in publications, marketing opportunities and on the Chamber’s web site.



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