OBX Made

Introducing OBXMADE                  

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce has recently undertaken a new project; this initiative will be known as OBXMADE.

What is OBXMADE? The Outer Banks is known as a premier tourist destination, a place where people come to get away
from it all and enjoy life in its natural state. While tourism is the #1 driver of our local economy and understanding that
the commercial fishing industry has a long-standing history, the Outer Banks region has grown from those roots to include
small manufacturers (boat building, screen printing, cabinet making, etc.), locally branded restaurants, retail shops
and more. Whether it’s locally made products, local cuisine, local construction and design, craft brews, vineyards, distilleries,
or a locally built service company, OBXMADE rewards the ingenuity, passion, talent and time that goes into each
one. The pride the Outer Banks region takes in its local roots is strong; OBXMADE takes part in celebrating and continuing
the tradition.

As we continue to move forward with this initiative we are in the process of trademarking the logo (we are also filing for a
certification mark) and developing the certification criteria for use of the logo. Look for a “launch” of this new OBX
brand in the near future!

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