OBXMADE is meant for all who create, build or produce – from entrepreneurs to chefs to brew masters and everyone in between. The pride that is required remains the same at all levels and should be recognized. OBXMADE celebrates this spirit while looking to grow it in the next generation of workforce, entrepreneurs and dreamers through outreach, recognition and branding our unique and special area.


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HOW is OBXMADE recognition awarded?

OBXMADE is the only Outer Banks based recognition program for locally crafted products. Acceptance in the OBXMADE program is made by application to, and acceptance by, the OBXMADE Advisory Board. The OBXMADE Advisory Board is an independent review board established with the sole purpose of reviewing OBXMADE application on a quarterly basis.

As a baseline, only legal businesses headquartered in the region defined as the Outer Banks making one or more physical products will be considered. From there a points system will be uses to evaluate a range of criteria including; 1) sourcing of materials, 2) product finishing processes, 2) product design and development, 4) product assembly, 5) business has at least one (1) full-time local employee.

Recognition is subject to annual renewal and is valid for a period of one year (12 months) from the official date the  recognition was awarded.

WHY does a business want to be OBXMADE?

It has been shown that local businesses positively affect economies, nowhere is that truer than along the Outer Banks region.  Recognizing a company or product as OBXMADE allows consumers to easily recognize locally produced products.

In addition, certified companies receive:

Recognition as OBXMADE in the Chamber’s online business directory

License to use the OBXMADE logo on products, marketing materials, etc.





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