Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Chairman's Club


About the Chairman's Club

In an effort to engage the seasoned as well as new business owners, managers, and professionals, we would like to offer membership in the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Club. This is a premier Chamber membership, in addition to regular paid dues, for leaders of our community who wish to create strategic partnerships that help preserve the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce’s role as a leader in the community.

The Chairman’s Club membership connects community leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and top-level management together in an environment to cultivate lasting business relationships. Membership is $200 annually. Through membership in the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Club you are supporting and impacting the ability of the Chamber to continue to be a leader in affecting and influencing change in our community.

The Chairman’s Club will be directly supporting, and engaging with the K-12 and higher education students in our community. Specifically, $50 of Chairman’s Club dues will be directed to an account that will be used to purchase supplies and/or gift cards for the Teacher’s Closets at the local schools. In addition a Speaker’s Bureau will be formed to engage and interact with students. The Chairman’s Club will also host an “Interview Room” to assist students to prepare students for job interviews; the club will
host an annual event to help fund these endeavors.


Benefits of Membership:

  • Featured on the Chairman’s Club page of the Chamber’s website with logo and web-link.
  • Featured on a special page of the printed membership directory included in the annual Outer Banks Experience magazine which has a distribution of 10,000 copies.
  • Inclusion in discussion and voting on legislative issues affecting the Outer Banks business community.
  • Invitation to the Annual Board Retreat.
  • Function as an advisory council to the Chamber, the Board of Directors, Executive Board and the President & CEO on an as needed basis.
  • Function as another group of members to review legislative and economic sustainability activity of the Chamber.
  • Invitation to and admission for one (1) to an annual Chairman’s Club dinner event featuring a top-level speaker (additional tickets can be purchased separately).
  • Invitation for two (2) to exclusive, intimate gathering(s) of Chairman’s Club members.
  • Chairman’s club pin

$50 of the Chairman’s Club membership investment will be directed to the Chamber’s Scholarship fund.

Membership is for an individual and cannot be transferred or shared. 

Download the Application Form Here (Microsoft Word)

Download the Application as an Adobe Acrobat Reader File 


For more information, please contact Sara Keener (sara@outerbankschamber.com) or Julie Tortelli (julie@outerbankschamber.com ) at  (252) 441-8144.




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